Our Story

At Haveli, we honour heritage through ethical production. Established in 2020, our brand was born from a love of traditional craftsmanship and commitment to female empowerment. Rooted in sustainability, we are committed to producing timeless pieces that echo both easy elegance and ecological responsibility.

Founded in Kingston, Jamaica, by Mina Robertson, Haveli is an exploration of the island's national motto "Out of Many, One People". Designed in Jamaica and brought to life in India, the brand blends contemporary Jamaican creativity and traditional Indian craftsmanship to create wardrobe essentials for a relaxed setting that embrace our divine femininity.

Crafted exclusively from natural fibres, each garment tells a story of relaxation, refinement and celebration. We lean into the inherent luxury of artisanal production- consciously crafted pieces that amplify our innate grace and confidence with reverence for the process, the story and heritage behind the clothes.

Our focus on sustainability is based on 2 inter-connected pillars: the environment and its communities; conscious of the impact we're making on the earth with each production decision while investing directly in the sources of our inspiration.

Each piece is designed to flow effortlessly in relaxed cuts for ease of movement and self-expression while maintaining an “always well put- together” sophistication. We make the clothes work for you- not the other way around.

I'm inspired by the women I’m surrounded by every day in Jamaica; thinking of their wardrobe essentials for a relaxed setting that have them simultaneously effortless and impeccably put together at all times.