Return to Still: A film by Haveli

Return to Still

I’m sitting. I am allowing myself to. I’m sitting in the depth of who I am and how that is designed to serve. It may seem indulgent to some and might be misunderstood by others, but no matter. This is not about them. This is not about their fear and adamancy to glide from lily pad to lily pad of distraction. I will sit still. 

To counter the distractions I have symbols. These symbols ground me and are a conduit to my source. My red Puja string, my yellow sapphire dutifully on my right index finger. Whether they are actually healing me or I believe them to be doing so is a rhetorical question. My mind is indeed that powerful. I am indeed that powerful. I own my power. 

So long as I can get still enough, I will connect. I will ignite. I revel in the moments when I let the “outside” simmer so that the flame of my highest self can burn. Every sense of my being needs space. So I hold space, I will fill space. I protect the highway to my fire. I nurture my fire. For She is not just for me. Her light, her warmth is not mine alone. She is what connects us all and I take that responsibility seriously. So I keep that lane clear. I return to still. 

Evaluate all the ‘shoulds’. Is it for the story or the experience? 

Honour health. Honour wellness. Eat the f***ing chocolate. 

Own your power. Trust your own knowing. 

Seek wisdom from experiences. Seek truth from within. 

Your life is your prayer. 

I am. I am. I am.

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